August 7–10, 2024 | Dallas, Texas
August 7–10, 2024 | Dallas, Texas
Don’t Miss the #1 Women’s Entrepreneur Conference
in North America!
ICON is the highly-anticipated annual gathering of eWomenNetwork, the #1 Business Community for Women Entrepreneurs. For 23 years – and counting – eWN ICON has established a reputation as the leading conference for passionate, driven entrepreneurs who are ready to take their success to the next level.

Showcasing top-tier thought leaders and celebrity speakers, the ICON agenda is packed with business-building content across every essential category. And there’s no place like ICON to get the inside track on social media mastery and influencer strategy success. Plus, exclusive pop-ups and exhibits round out a must-attend event for every entrepreneur.
ICON Quick Stats
  • Over 60% of Attendees Register a Full Year in Advance
  • 80% of Attendees Return Again (& Again!) 
  • 85% of Attendees Rank eWN ICON Best & Most-Actionable Conference Content
  • ​4 Transformative Days & Nightly After-Glow Networking Events
  • ​20 Top-Tier Trainers & Speakers
  • ​25 Pop-Up Shops & Exhibits
We know you’re ready to get the tools to help boost revenue and achieve your biggest, boldest goals while cultivating transformational relationships. We’re on a mission to help 1 Million Women Entrepreneurs each achieve $1M in Annual Revenue – and that means you!
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Our Speakers

Sandra Yancey

Sandra Yancey, an award-winning entrepreneur, CNN American hero, best-selling author and acclaimed speaker, founded eWomenNetwork in 2000. Today, as CEO, she heads the #1 Business Community for Women Entrepreneurs, expertly guiding business owners and professionals around the world with real, actionable insights to help achieve their biggest, boldest business goals.

Kym Yancey

Kym Yancey is the President and CMO of eWomenNetwork and Executive Producer of eWN’s Celebrity Science division. Following his success as a Capital Records gold record-winning composer-producer, Kym founded a leading advertising agency, amassing 200-plus awards. He is also creator and producer of The GLOW Project, a film acclaimed for its inspiration to women.

Briana Dai

Briana Dai, a personal branding, social media and influencer marketing expert and sought-after fashion and lifestyle guru, serves as Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at eWomenNetwork. Her creative spark has ignited brand transformations for a diverse clientele, including Mariah Carey and New York Fashion Week.

Sharon W. Reynolds

Sharon is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of DevMar Enterprises, a nationally-recognized name centered on unique product innovations. A market disrupter and change-maker, she has grown her companies to be leaders in pathogen remediation to sustain the planet for future generations while educating clients and suppliers on topics surrounding healthy workplace initiatives. She was recently named a 2023 YWCA Academy for Women of Achievement, Nashville Business Journal’s Power 100, and recognized as the 2023 Advisory Council Chair of the Women Business Collaborative.

Ilene Rosenthal

Ilene is the dynamic CEO and Founder of Footsteps2Brilliance, an educational technology company dedicated to revolutionizing and scaling early literacy and financial education. Under her visionary leadership, the company has become a beacon of innovation, providing transformative solutions to school districts across the United States. In partnership with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and KVCR/PBS, Ilene helped create "Learn with Me," the first-ever transmedia educational program that resulted in an Emmy nomination based on Footsteps2Brilliance's books, songs, and educational games.

Donia Duchess

Donia Duchess is a two-time Emmy-nominated, NAACP Award-winning producer, on-camera host and content creator. Her credits include multiple high-profile series, notably The Real Daytime and Password with Jimmy Fallon. Whether through her latest TV segment or a viral TikTok, she brings a unique on-camera presence and experience to every role.

Dr. Elizabeth Eversull

When it comes to healthcare, Dr. Eversull won’t stop until she gets to the root cause of a medical issue. Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine, she works to heal patients whom others have dismissed and disregarded, because she understands firsthand how painful that can be—physically and emotionally.

Sydney Ryker

A seasoned entrepreneur and publishing maven, Sydney currently serves as a Publishing Strategist at eWomenSelfPublishingNetwork. She is a firm believer that writing and publishing a book is the single most impactful action a business owner can take to boost their income, expand their influence, and scale their impact. Sydney is particularly dedicated to supporting female founders, helping them harness the power of publishing to elevate their businesses and leave a lasting legacy.

Julie Thomas

A renowned sales consultant with decades of top sales performance, Julie Thomas, CEO of ValueSelling Associates, empowers individuals to amplify revenue through innovative strategies. At eWomenNetwork's ICON Experience Conference, Julie will share proven techniques to skyrocket your sales and transform client relationships. Join her dynamic session to unlock
your sales potential and achieve unprecedented success!

Toni Caruso

Toni Caruso has been rocking the events industry for over 30 years, crafting everything from high-profile entertainment gatherings to strategic business forums. Beyond the stage, she empowers professionals to shine in their own moments in the spotlight. Her Academy4Speakers caught the eye of eWomenNetwork, leading to an acquisition, and today she juggles hats as the Executive Director of eWomenSpeakersNetwork and the Executive Managing Director of eWN’s Dallas Chapter.

Vivianne "Vivi" Pearson

Vivi is the mother of two amazing children, a U.S. Army veteran, and Founder & Executive Officer of Broken Into Promise (Bin2P). She is passionate about disrupting the stigma behind mental health and addressing conversations of the heart. The mission of Bin2P is to provide support, guidance, resources, workshops, and retreats to aid individuals who have experienced trauma or mental health disturbances through the power of sound and alternative therapy. 

Yi Song

After growing up in Beijing, China, Yi Song came to the United States 27 years ago to study Pathology at Brown University. Her acupuncture and holistic clinic in Boston has been serving clients for two decades, and in addition, she offers advanced stem cell treatments at Zenerchi Retreat in Colombia.

Tamara Golden

Tamara applies 25-plus years in travel, event planning, and coaching to crafting epic retreat experiences worldwide. From coaching programs to masterminds to shamanic ceremonies, her company Journeywork Retreats supports transformational leaders in fostering connection and community, accelerating outcomes for their clients, and increasing re-enrollments, referrals, and revenue for their business.

Colleen Sawatzky

Proudly identifying as among the “rarest of unicorns,” Colleen is a self-proclaimed extroverted CPA. Bringing a sense of humor to her mission, she leverages 20 years of expertise to help growing entrepreneurs own their numbers in finance, accounting, tax, and growth strategy, so they can kill it at business while living their best lives.

Kelly Calkins

The founder of Restoring Hope Nutrition, Kelly triumphed over a decade-long struggle with six autoimmune diseases, conquering fatigue and brain fog, among other chronic symptoms. As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist® she now empowers other women to reclaim optimal health through personalized guidance and a holistic approach to wellness.

Mary Kramer

Mary Kramer leads Purpose Meaning Joy, nurturing community growth, fostering self-discovery, and inspiring purposeful living. Utilizing insights from the book she co-authored with her late husband, "Awakening Through Moments of Choice,” she empowers individuals to navigate life’s choices with clarity, adapt to evolving needs, and celebrate their unique journeys with joy and meaning.

Amber & Eric Beels

With 30-plus years combined experience in the media world, Amber and Eric Beels are dedicated to placing each client’s vision and goals at the forefront. This dynamic podcast management team takes a hands-on approach, ensuring each client’s comfort and confidence as they embark on their podcasting journey. Above all, the Beels are committed to ensuring a smooth, simple and fun podcast experience.

Danielle Brzusek

The founder of Happy Pet Sitting, Danielle proudly proclaims, "Pets are my absolute everything!" Driven by a lifelong passion for animals, her dedication stems from a deep-seated love for furry companions, transforming childhood adoration into a fulfilling career in pet care.

Julie Anderson

"Brain Lady" Julie Anderson is a neuro-transformation and brain strength optimization expert, specializing in unlocking potential and igniting positive change. 

Cheryl Hodgson

After years of witnessing artists and brands fight legal battles, Cheryl Hodgson turned her passion into her mission: advocating for vital brand protection in businesses of all sizes. Specializing in intellectual property rights, from registration and licensing to enforcing agreements, Cheryl's prowess is underscored by her participation in several landmark trademark and music industry cases, including the largest jury verdict in trademark law history.

Jane Johnston

Jane Johnston, M.Ed. PREC, is the CEO of The Briar Hill Group and a multi-award-winning Realtor. She ranks in the top 1% of RE/MAX Realtors in North America, and is the top-selling Realtor on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She's also the recipient of the eWomenNetwork "Made It to A Million" Award.

June Lemmings

June is a negotiation expert, best-selling author, and keynote speaker. She helps people create wealth through real estate, with 23 years of experience and thousands of clients. In the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide, she has received multiple awards while guiding her clients to significant financial success.

Mara Whitener

Mara Whitener, Business Growth Strategist and Fractional COO, leads Whitener Professional Services as CEO. She designs fully-custom operational systems for established entrepreneurs struggling to scale efficiently. Mara's bespoke solutions help costs, identify growth opportunities, and prioritize high-impact activities. The result? Entrepreneurs gain freedom to focus on what they truly love.

Belinda Egan

Belinda is the founder of The Sharpened Edge Community. As a multi-faceted executive sales and leadership consultant with 25-plus years in Fortune 500 companies, she empowers entrepreneurs to unlock their highest potential and embrace their inner CEO.

Kimberley Borgens

Kimberley Borgens, CEO of Delta Protective Services, is an award-winning business owner with over 30 years of experience from entrepreneur to CEO. She fiercely empowers women in male-dominated positions to break free from self-imposed expectations, make quick and powerful decisions, and have an unrelenting resilience in business.

Marianne Marlow

With more than two decades of expertise, Marianne pioneers cutting-edge techniques in couples' relationship healing. As the passionate founder of This Loveworks, she excels in applying tried-and-true psychological and spiritual practices that guarantee long-lasting results. Additionally, she guides individuals through profound spiritual journeys in her transformative spiritual mystery school.

Priscilla Dasilva

The owner of Positive Pri Photos, Priscilla is a first-generation American who is passionate about telling stories. She has worked on professional commercial sets including Poo Pourri, Dickies, Zales, and the Dallas Mavericks, as well as directing her own documentaries, In addition, her photography has been published in D Magazine and she was named to Dbest’s list of the Best Videographers in Dallas. 

2024 Semi-Finalists

Sara Hart

Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life
Sara B. Hart, Ph.D., is the founder of Prime Spark, an organization for senior women who want to thrive, make the best choices for their prime years, and fight how our culture tries to depict them. She is a lifelong advocate for social change and an inspirational, motivating speaker who is passionate about her subjects. She provides controversial, cutting-edge ideas that are sure to be thought-provoking to the audience.

Devin Wilmott-Johnson

Live the WOW Life
A dedicated brand manager and business coach, Devin specializes in delivering tailored strategies and actionable recommendations to maximize growth and optimize performance. She has a passion for driving success and helping people and organizations thrive. Her current and past clients, including established influencers, small to medium business owners, and multi-state franchises, have been featured in Forbes, Medium, Essence, TED, and Voyage Dallas.

Renee Vejvoda

The Power of the Hawk
Renee is the owner of All Stitched and Glitzed Out (ASAGO), a custom personalization and branding company founded in 2005 and based in Southeast Denver. The mission of ASAGO is to cultivate enduring mental branding images for its clients. In addition, she is also an Executive Managing Director for eWomenNetwork, hosting local events to showcase the #1 Business Community for Women Entrepreneurs.

Marissa Burns

Your Real Life Runway
Marissa is an image consultant, personal branding expert, and professional speaker. Through her background in fine arts and experience in the film industry, she has become an expert in visual communication. She translates this expertise to help professional teams and entrepreneurs align their personal images with their brands’ goals, values, and purpose, in order to attract more ideal clients and grow their businesses.

Tanja Horan

From Stunned to Spectacular: The Leadership Lesson I Never Saw Coming
As the CEO of Tacosa 360 Consulting, Tanja partners with and empowers nonprofit organizations across four pillars to build and scale their impact: strategy, planning, messaging, and operations. She explores the ‘why’ behind each approach while considering a client’s capacity for change. As a result, organizations receive tailored steps to overcome challenges, undertake sustainable change, and advance their mission.

Ally Jencson

The Construction of a R.E.B.E.L.
With over 17 years of experience in specialty trades, Ally knows it takes more than hard work and dedication to have a successful career, a thriving business, and run a family, all at the same time. It takes being a rebel and doing things differently! She brings innovation, resourcefulness, and a rebellious spirit to her roles as CEO of Frontline Floor Coatings and Founder of Girder Skirts, as well as speaking and hosting master classes, corporate trainings, and coaching groups. 

Cathy Reilly

Confronting Conflict: Finding the Fortune in Friction
Cathy founded her company, Sharing the Shine, after almost losing her life due to a medical crisis that inspired her to shift her thinking and utilize empowerment tools to strengthen her voice. Today, as a Wellness, Mindset, and Advocacy Specialist, she is dedicated to empowering others to be their own advocate in all areas of their life – to speak their truth, lift each other up, and live total wellness on a daily basis.

Dr. Cheryl Wood

The Courage to Get Back Up
Dr. Cheryl Wood is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, and master speaker development coach for women. She is committed to empowering and equipping women with the tools to courageously share their unique voice, their story, and their subject matter expertise. She believes that every message has the power to create a shift in people's thoughts and perspectives and, should be delivered with intention and strategy.

Dustin Jones

Out of the Shadows and into the Light
Dustin Jones is the owner and CEO of EncompassHR, LLC, a boutique fractional HR consulting, training and development company. She specializes in infrastructure review and development, process and policy development, full department audits, and strategic alignment of department goals. Dustin also offers leadership and employee development training, as well as individual employee coaching and mentorship.

Joya Sosnowski

Cycle Breaker, Light Maker: Releasing Your Inner Light Through Voice
Joya is a mindfulness trainer, psycho-spiritual coach and metaphysical reverend, who uses the power of sound and sacred plants to help you live your best vibe.™ She creates conscious, intentional soundscapes to help her clients on their journeys of constantly becoming. She is also the author of the book, Practical Spirituality - 15 Practices to Heal, Awaken & Embody You High-Vibe Self.
Are You Ready?
Our annual ICON event attracts dynamic women business owners, entrepreneurs, expert speakers, thought leaders, exhibitors, and major supporters of the women’s success movement. Our Conference is ranked among the top six (6) national Conferences by the Predictive Index.
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The ICON Effect!
Why over 60% of our attendees register a year in advance!

Amanda Slade
CEO, Co-Create Your Success
Laguna Beach, CA

“One of the best conferences I've ever attended. The attention to detail, the overall training, and level of attendees were superb.”

Pamela Lofton-McGeorge
CEO, Aspire First Group, LLC
Hartford, CT

“eWomenNetwork is the place to be! The people in this organization can help you - Sandra with strategy, Kym with marketing, and now Briana with AI. I'm so grateful for all the knowledge that we have right at our fingertips."

JoJo Bennington
Owner, Tip Top Shape
Las Vegas, NV

“Beyond amazing! This community is so giving and kind, and Sandra, Kym, and Briana pulled back the curtain on so many systems and marketing tactics. I love eWN. We are a unique womens' entrepreneurial organization, and this Conference was definitely ’next level.’”

Sandye Brown
CEO, Wide Awake, Inc.
Oberlin, OH

"I joined eWomenNetwork in 2015. It’s the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business since I started my business. The three things I’ve appreciated most are a 33% growth in revenue, vibrant connections, and thought leadership, combined with practical strategies that have increased my focus and effectiveness."

Sarah Reiff-Hekking
Founder, True Focus Coaching
Acton, MA

“I love that there is something for everyone, no matter the level of business, which is truly a feat. Congratulations on a successful event!”

Susan Salter
CEO, Life Styled by Susan
Wilmington, DE

“This was the shot in the arm that I needed - I’m now ready to build my business. I’m so glad to have attended, and I learned so much!”

Dr. Candace Holmes
CEO, BrainCore Neurofeedback
Duluth, GA

"ICON continually transforms my business with new strategies, tools, and actionable insights. The presenters consistently provide innovative and effective material. I urge every businesswoman to attend—it’s an experience not to be missed!"

Jacki Cox
Founder, J Cox Coaching
Colorado Springs, CO

“The experience was awesome, and the content and connections continue to be top-notch. I am truly grateful!”

Lyndsey Monahan
CEO, Women Inspire Wealth
Frisco, TX

“ICON is chockful of valuable and actionable information that will help me grow my business!”

VLynn Hawkins
Co-Founder, Vegan Visibility Productions
Atlanta, GA

"eWN ICON is an incredible experience. Sandra and the team deliver top-notch information and real-time training, packed with valuable insights. Her guidance, wisdom and ability to connect, motivate, and empower women entrepreneurs is unparalleled. I encourage making an investment in yourself and your business that will pay dividends for years to come by attending the next ICON Experience Conference."

Tanja Horan
CEO, Tacosa 360 Consulting
Atlanta, GA

"The energy at ICON is the essence of eWomenNetwork’s philosophy of 'Lifting others as we climb.' Whether you're seeking insights and strategies to achieve your business’ next level, or a power partner to help you scale, or encouragement to persevere and overcome challenges, ICON provides the opportunity to network, learn, and immerse yourself in a community that wants you to succeed."

Kate Paine
Founder & CEO, Standing Out Online
Colorado Springs, CO

"ICON is an inspirational, powerful, and fun experience that helped me get clear on my business and myself while connecting with incredible women!"
If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, please email
• What are the dates of the eWN ICON Experience Conference 2024?
eWomenNetwork’s annual ICON Experience Conference takes place August 7-10, 2024. This year’s event marks the 24th anniversary of North America’s #1 Women’s Entrepreneur Conference.

• Is the event open only to eWomenNetwork Members?
All are welcome! eWN ICON is open to men and women, members and non-members alike. Membership complements and extends the benefits of our Conference experience, however, and we’d love to welcome you into our international community of women business owners. Click here to learn more about joining! 

• Where does the event take place?  
eWomenNetwork’s annual ICON Experience Conference takes place at the:

221 Las Colinas Blvd. East
Irving, TX 75039

Because of the scale of our Conference, we have the entire meeting space of the hotel. Upon arrival, you will receive exact location of all the activities occurring during the Conference.

What are the nearest airports?
There are two:

1. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (code: DFW)
2. Love Field Airport (code: DAL)

Both are within a convenient drive to the venue, depending upon timing and traffic conditions.

• Are hotel blocks available?
Our current room block is now SOLD OUT during the eWomenNetwork ICON Conference. Please book your room through our designated overflow hotel, the Marriott Dallas Las Colinas. Click here for further details and contact information.

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that rooms at the Omni may open up again as we approach the dates of the Conference, so we encourage you to check back periodically to see if you can nab a room at the Host Hotel should any open up!

• Are meals included with my registration? Parking?

The following meals are provided as part of your Conference registration:

Thursday, August 8: Afterglow Reception
Friday, August 9: Lunch and Afterglow Reception
Saturday, August: Lunch

Note: Breakfast, snacks, baked goods, and gourmet coffee bar and beverages are available at the hotel’s grab-and-go “Over the Counter (OTC)” casual dining option.


Parking at the Omni Las Colinas is available for guests on an overnight basis at the rate of $18 per night + tax (self park). A day rate of $10 per day + tax is available for visitors (self park). 

Valet parking is also available for guests and visitors for an additional charge.

• How can I access a speaker list, agenda, and list of vendors?
Our agendas are meticulously designed to provide up-to-the-minute business-building tools for every stage of the entrepreneur’s journey. Click here to view a list of topics-at-a-glance. Our agenda continues to be enhanced, so feel free to check back periodically for the latest updates. Plus, we will provide a list of curated pop-up vendors and exhibitors.

• Am I able to transfer my ticket or receive a refund if I’m unable to attend?
Yes, you are able to transfer your ticket to another person to attend our 2024 Conference in your place. Please reach out to to request the transfer paperwork. The deadline to transfer your ticket is Wednesday, July 24.

NOTE: This is important so that the new person obtaining your ticket is in our system and has their name badge ready upon check-in. That’s why you must request the transfer paperwork. (Name badges are required to attend all our events.)

eWomenNetwork, the premier women's success system, connects over 500,000 women across the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. Producing 2,000 networking events and hosting the #1 women's entrepreneur conference, our ICON Conference, we cultivate an inspiring and supportive environment. 
General Questions about the ICON Conference? Want to set up an Activation/Exhibit?
Call or email:  Info@eWomenNetwork.comPhone: 972 620 9995 Ext. 1000
Rules & Regulations

Passing out literature, samples, holding meetings in your on-site (or off-site) room to enroll Conference participants in your programs, holding Happy Hours (or the like) to show samples of products and services for the purposes of taking orders, etc. is strictly prohibited and unethical.

Additionally, any other meeting or event by any other name must be pre-approved in writing. Inquiries can be sent to

We protect our Attendees and Exhibitors fiercely and will not allow such unauthorized practices. We ask our attendees to honor our Values, look out for each other, and if they see something to say something. Violators will be removed from the Conference and banned from future company events.
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