August 2–5, 2023 | Dallas, Texas
August 2–5, 2023 | Dallas, Texas
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Are you ready for the most iconic event of the year?! 
This Conference is not just for anyone, it's for entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and are ready to take their success to the next level. For over 22 years, eWomenNetwork has produced and hosted this incredible event, and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever before!
This Conference is just not for anyone
it's for entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and are ready to take their success to the next level. For over 22 years, eWomenNetwork has produced and hosted this incredible event, and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever before!
The energy and excitement that fills the room is contagious, and it's the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are as driven and motivated as you are!
Imagine being surrounded by a diverse community of thought leaders, expert speakers, and successful entrepreneurs who all share one common goal - to help you achieve your dreams. You'll have access to products, services, and resources that can help you catapult your success to new heights. 
Our mission is to help one-million women entrepreneurs each achieve one-million dollars in annual revenue, and we're committed to making that a reality. 
But here's the best part - the eWomenNetwork ICON Conference 2023 is not just for women, it's open to men too! So, if you're ready to take your business to the next level and be a part of the most dynamic and supportive community out there, then join us for an unforgettable experience. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to achieve your dreams. Don't wait, get your ticket now and join us for the most iconic event of the year!

Sandra Yancey

Sandra Yancey, renowned entrepreneur and author, founded eWomenNetwork in 2000, connecting 500,000+ women entrepreneurs. A CNN-recognized American Hero, she expertly guides women through business development stages.

Kym Yancey

Kym Yancey, President & CMO of eWomenNetwork and Executive Producer of Celebrity Science, is a gold-record-winning composer and former Capitol Records drummer. Leveraging his music skills, he founded a top U.S. multicultural advertising agency, amassing 200+ awards. He also created and produced The GLOW Project, a film acclaimed for its inspiration to women.

Briana Dai

Briana Dai, an international makeover expert and social media branding sensation, serves as the Creative Director at eWomenNetwork. Her creative spark has ignited brand transformations for a diverse clientele, including Mariah Carey and New York Fashion Week.

Donia Duchess

Donia Duchess, a 2x Emmy-nominated, NAACP-winning producer, has worked on high-profile shows like "The Real Daytime" and "Password" with Jimmy Fallon. Known for hosting various TV segments and viral TikToks, she brings a unique on-camera experience to her role.

Tiffany Hendra

Tiffany Hendra, a TV personality and global empowerment coach, guides women globally to lead authentic and courageous lives. Creator of The Coaching Sanctuary™ and a former cast member of Real Housewives Of Dallas, she now hosts and co-produces her own show, #SOTHRIVE, to help women transcend survival mode and truly thrive.

Marley Jaxx

Marley Jaxx - Globally-recognized expert in video creation, YouTube growth, and content strategy. Renowned for her '1% content creation' approach, she challenges conventional norms. Featured in media for directing the documentary 'I got canceled... and I did it to myself.' Clients include thought leaders Cristy Code Red, Alex Charfen, Daymond John, and Stephen Larsen. Shared stages with Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Tom Bilyeu, and Frank Kern.

Betsy Clark

From refining spaces to reshaping lives, Betsy leverages her 40+ years of entrepreneurial wisdom. As a Transformation Coach, she now passionately assists women to embrace their distinct strengths, empowering them to find and fearlessly express their authentic voice.

Belinda Egan

Belinda, an expert executive with 25+ years in business, champions entrepreneurs to achieve their highest potential. Equipped with a double Masters in strategic leadership and known for her creative problem-solving, she's transformed her wisdom into a flourishing six-figure enterprise.

Tamira Luc

A #1 international bestselling author, speaker, and coach with 18+ years of entrepreneurial and investment expertise. Tamira, bounced back from loss to generate a six-figure income in under a year. Unveils the power of personal stories to amplify businesses tenfold through books, fostering significant global impact.

Nikkea B. David

A retired Air Force Officer and 100% service-disabled veteran, Nikkea, is a singer-songwriter and the creator of BeliefSongs™️. With a focus on overcoming trauma, including complex PTSD and military sexual trauma (MST), Nikkea offers guaranteed subconscious belief reprogramming in minutes to address issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

Jenny Harkleroad

#1 Best-selling author and speaker, Jenny Harkleroad, is a renowned Mind Change Teacher. Known best as a proud mother of four, she has turned her life around from chronic pain, addiction, and dissatisfaction to a fulfilling journey of joy and vitality using the power of the mind.

Joya Sosnowski

Leading the conscious entrepreneurship revolution, Joya harmonizes business and life with her expertise in sound healing and mindfulness. Pioneer of The VIBE Process™️, her innovative approach makes meditation fun and effortless. Her role as CEO of Vibologie™️ channels her vision for awakening the Higher Self in everyone.

Kate Paine

A seasoned PR professional with a knack for personal branding and LinkedIn strategy, offering transformative online visibility solutions to women entrepreneurs. Leveraging LinkedIn as a potent marketing tool, Kate assists clients in refining their narrative and brand identity to distinguish themselves in their respective fields

Krista Goode

With a lifelong passion for finance, Krista is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. By crafting personalized plans and offering ongoing support, she ensures your success. Share your aspirations with Krista and embark on a journey to financial fulfillment.
Are You Ready?
Our annual ICON event attracts dynamic women business owners, entrepreneurs, expert speakers, thought leaders, exhibitors, and major supporters of the women’s success movement. Our Conference is ranked among the top six (6) national Conferences by the Predictive Index.
The ICON Effect!
Why Over 50% of our attendees register a year in advance!

Christina Dyer
CEO, Embellished Butterfly, Colorado Springs, CO

The information and influence provided during the sessions was relevant. Magie Cook’s interview was outstanding…definitely made me feel like I literally have no excuse to act. The networking and connections outside of the Conference walls was priceless. As a beginning CEO Solopreneur, I have gained so much insight and knowledge that easily shaved an entire year of struggling to figure details out on my own. Additionally, I have learned the value of selecting key professionals to help along the way…make the investment to propel forward exponentially.

JoAnn Stoneberg
CEO and Founder, Soul Investigation, Calgary, AB, Canada

The Conference helped provide me with a new perspective to know that I am the ‘soul’ owner of my company and that, although an expert in my field, I am the CEO of my company. I feel more motivated and inspired to grow my business, knowing there is a support team out there for me. Thank you for hosting a conference tailored specifically to entrepreneurs.

Robin Edgar
Edgar Financial Group,
Minnetonka, MN

The eWomenNetwork Conference was very motivating and offered a great mix of education, connecting and vision for me on my next steps in my business. The level of information and structure of Sandra’s teaching was helpful to me in recognizing what my next steps are to grow my business. Sandra and her team are dedicated to helping 1 million women make $1 million a year in their business.

Caitlyn Fiken
E.I., Sierra Consulting Structural Engineers, Las Vegas, NV

My life has been so positively impacted by attending this Conference. It was my first Conference (ever actually) and I can’t say enough how inspiring, uplifting, and motivating it was. I was in awe being surrounded by so many driven and passionate women who had nothing but open arms and kindness to give. I’m 31 years old and am looking to make a possible career change. This Conference gave me real life advice and the confidence to pursue anything I desire. I can’t thank you enough. My soul is awakened!

Kathy Peake
CEO, The Peake Financial Group, Tucson, AZ

The Conference is the gift I give myself each year. The time and money spent is so worth all the new ideas, concepts, Mindset, fun and fabulous connections all over the world! I have done lots of different kinds of conferences over the years and this is by far the best organized, produced, content, and high-quality people. Nothing like it! I love it and it fills me up so I can attend to my business, and life for another year! Thanks to all who came, all who work tirelessly behind the scenes and all who gave so much service and love to us!!

Michelle Guajardo
Founder & CEO,,
Marble Falls, TX

I attended my first eWomenNetwork Conference and was blown away by the friendliness and approachability of everyone from the convention/hotel staff to the eWN staff to the participants. I left with pages of notes and to do’s and a renewed sense excitement and empowerment in my business. I have told everyone about the Conference and can’t stop raving about my experience. Thank you, Sandra, Kym, Briana and Company. Exceeded my expectations.
eWomenNetwork, the premier women's success system, connects over 500,000 women across the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. Producing 2,000 networking events and hosting the #1 women's entrepreneur conference, our ICON Conference, we cultivate an inspiring and supportive environment. Through our community, we offer access to resources for women to grow their businesses, with a mission to help each member reach $1M in annual revenue. Proudly sponsored by corporations like UPS, DELL, and Google, our philanthropic outreach has earned us recognition as an American Hero by CNN.
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