August 7–10, 2024 | Dallas, Texas
August 7–10, 2024 | Dallas, Texas
Top 6
National Conferences as ranked by the Predictive Index.
of all ICON Attendees are Presidents and CEOs of their Businesses
are Returning Attendees for over 22 Years.
Scholarships to Female Emerging Leaders

Get ready for a phenomenal, transformative experience
at ICON 2024

Beyond the insights, you'll be plunged into a sea of transformational relationships. Our attendees – inspired, motivated, positive entrepreneurs – are here to nurture and expand each other's success. Witness authentic relationships unfold and deepen.

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Prepare to be electrified, challenged, and enlightened at our upcoming ICON Conference. Our agenda is meticulously designed to meet your immediate needs and future-proof your success, with an array of subject matter experts ready to deliver:

Cutting-Edge Strategies: 

Master the art of marketing and business growth.

Tech-Savvy Secrets:

Discover time and money-saving technology hacks.

Million-Dollar Breakthroughs:

Learn how to surpass the million-dollar revenue mark.

Smart Attraction:

Innovate your approach to attract customers and close deals.

Thinking Reimagined:

Unearth fresh perspectives to achieve your goals.

Social Media 2.0:

Explore the evolving social media landscape.

Money Power:

Unlock capital access and financial empowerment.

Influencer Dynamics:

Uncover the keys to becoming an influencer.

YouTube Mastery:

Learn to grow and leverage YouTube's power.

Google Growth:

Dive into Google's hot growth strategies.

Buyer Motivation:

Unearth what drives instant purchase decisions.

Dynamic Income:

Explore the evolving social media landscape.

Video Marketing Magic:

Create video marketing that drives business your way.

Networking Unleashed:

Experience the unmatched exchange of ideas.

Entrepreneur Exhibition:

Incredible pop-up stores and activation resources in our expo.
eWomenNetwork, the premier women's success system, connects over 500,000 women across the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. Producing 2,000 networking events and hosting the #1 women's entrepreneur conference, our ICON Conference, we cultivate an inspiring and supportive environment. 
General Questions about the ICON Conference? Want to set up an Activation/Exhibit?
Call or email:  Info@eWomenNetwork.comPhone: 972 620 9995 Ext. 1000
Rules & Regulations

Passing out literature, samples, holding meetings in your on-site (or off-site) room to enroll Conference participants in your programs, holding Happy Hours (or the like) to show samples of products and services for the purposes of taking orders, etc. is strictly prohibited and unethical.

Additionally, any other meeting or event by any other name must be pre-approved in writing. Inquiries can be sent to

We protect our Attendees and Exhibitors fiercely and will not allow such unauthorized practices. We ask our attendees to honor our Values, look out for each other, and if they see something to say something. Violators will be removed from the Conference and banned from future company events.
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